Add these special spa treatments to receive the maximum benefit of any service.

Dermanew Skin Treatment  - $14                 
                          with a service $7

This treatment is the ultimate in smoothing and toning to treat premature aging and environmental impacts of the face, hands, or feet.  A thorough exfoliation is followed by a relaxing massage.


Spa Salt Glow Treatment  $14                 
                     with a service $7       

A mineral-rich aromatherapy sea salt, dried seaweed and fruit enzymes combine to smooth and hydrate the hands and/or feet.


Rehydrating Paraffin Wax Treatment  $14                 
                                         with a service $7

This uniquely hydrating treatment relaxes and deep-moisturizes the face, hands, or feet with a warm wax masque.  A great way to nourish, replenish, dry skin, and increases healthy circulation.


Sunless Airbrush Tanning - $30 Full Body