Chair Massage at your Company...
is a hassle-free way to provide relaxation and reinvigoration to your employees and guests. 

Corporate or Onsite massage is a clothed massage which takes place in a specially designed seat where the client sits facing forward embraced by comfortable padding. This allows the therapist to work with the clients’ head, neck, shoulders, back, and arms with great efficiency.

We set up our massage chairs in your office, at your event or near or around the trade show floor.  We only require approximately 3' x 3' per therapist so we do not tie-up your valuable trade floor space.  Each therapist from Studio 210 Nail & Body Spa arrives at your worksite in uniform with all of the equipment they need.  Sanitation is a must therefore, disposable face rest covers are used for each client, and the massage chair is quickly cleaned after each client.

Clients usually report feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and less tense after receiving a chair massage. You can decide to give 5, 10, or 15-minute massages based on the number of employees or guests you have.  Please note: Therapists take a 10 minute break each hour to keep their body relaxed and fresh for the next set of clients.

Payment Method

A $20 set-up/travel charge/per therapist is required. The set-up charge is waived for engagements of 3 hours or more (per therapist). 


Employer/Host Pay - Studio 210 Corporate Chair Massage is $60 per hour/per therapist.